Magical Peace

“That was… magical.”

I smiled, happy she had a positive experience in the CST session. We spoke a bit about who she was and where she was with life. She was clearly in a bit of a daze, so I wanted to let her be in it – keeping chatting brief and light.

This marked a decidedly different session for me. While I read the pulse and motioned through the diaphragm compressions, the mechanical pieces of the work were solidly in the background.

She has a “stuck” in the core. I spent some time easing into the compression, allowing her permission, and encouraging a bit more compression. A pause of light touch lasted for a minute or two – the expected energy buzz in the back and some staggered pulses in the front. As a reader, that’s the “OK, got it” signal. Then, a few more eases into the compression and some pauses and it cycled that way for a bit until I felt like it was time to move on.

As I get to the head, I paused. This has been a hallmark of what I do. It’s the Bhakti part, I suppose. Just listening. Loving and listening.

Until, I stopped listening.

I stopped listening and was simply there. Completely passive. Just holding. Holding her head… and holding her space.

After a few moments – or so – I brought my attention and awareness back to the 10-step protocol I was trained with. I began to lift the head, releasing the Atlas and giving a lot of energy.

At some point during sessions, I generally begin to feel the “right” energy to give. In my recent studies, I’m focused much on the lessons of the Hindu Gods and they seem to take prominence. It’s a good thing to remember, here, that Hindu Gods aren’t other-worldly figures watching over us; they are embodiments of morals, of fable lessons, of essences of human nature. More a sense of values and morals than something to pray to.

I felt a strong sense of Krishna overwhelm me as I allowed her head to find it’s way back to the table. With soft lateral strokes to the back of the neck, I listened curiously.

“It’s too much.”

I let the stokes soften and stop. Just holding her head. “Should I stop?” I thought directed at the aforementioned perception of a statement.

“No. I just need a moment,” came the response which I know was not audible.

So, I sat and held. I allowed the Krishna energy to move from the world around me through my fingers and into her Nadi system (energy channels in energy philosophy). Krisha is the trademark of strength. He keeps the world moving. The whole world. The energy of Krishna is big. VERY big. It’s overbearing and controlling, not in a bad relationship kind of way, but in an “It’s OK. I’ve got it from here.” kind of way where you know in fact, he does have it from here.

I drifted into this big energy,  for a moment, and began to realize, the Krishna energy – the big, almost intimidating energy – is her. I physically watch her body moving. Feet and ankles twisting and stretching. Neck compressing and extending. Shifting and moving until finally settling in.

My awareness comes back into hers and I begin to feel the reconnection of our two waves within the consciousness of BIG energy.

“OK. I’m good. A little more…” her soul invites confidently.

I lift her head up again, releasing her Atlas and feel the entire neck muscle / fascia structure melt around my fingers near instantly. I let her head down, put a bit of pressure on her occiput and the squirming commences…

Her intake form showed someone probably on the verge of what clinicians would call depression. Deep inside, though, she knows she is BIG. She seems ready to do the work, but somewhere closer to the surface doesn’t think she’s strong enough; doesn’t believe in herself. Her soul was willing to have the conversation with her inner BIG-ness even though she wasn’t ready for all of it at once.

We all know what causes that lack of self-belief… and on some level, we all know it to be untrue.

She was happy with her session. I’m amazed to have simply witnessed a conversation between her and her inner BIG-ness. I can only hope that beginning has sparked a continued conversation that will see her blossom into what her inner self knows is possible. Magic indeed.