This modality is personal coaching – with an emphasis on using your inner-wisdom to interfere with the patterns that keep you from your dreams.


Upgrade your energetic patterns.

Transform your life.

Work Together

Divine a Path Toward Happiness

The often chaotic circumstances that surround our daily tasks create “blocks” in the flow of our personal energy, in the connection we feel with others + the world around us, and in our overall place within our world-view.

In other words, we feel tired. We feel disconnected. We feel like “something isn’t right.”

This guidance applies ancient energetic concepts to create a physical action plan – specific to your needs – for the balance and harmony necessary to experience a deep fulfilling happiness in your day to day life. Energy Work will bring resonance between the mind and heart – into the same frequency as the soul – to activate the natural happiness that occurs when you’re aligned with your true self.

Reestablish the sacred connection between your soul’s fire and your daily experience.

What IS Wisdom Consulting?

Wisdom Consulting is individualized attention to create a more positive human experience. It is part discussion, part energy work, and part metaphysics. We will work through your current state and you will receive “homework” that builds more clarity, balance, vitality, and direction. This work can consist of movement practices, prana conditioning (breathwork), ayurvedic principles, small-step objectives and other models that align with your frequency. In short, we draw on a vast history of healing techniques to put you in a state of flow with you. You will come away with the practices, routines, and ceremonies to achieve your vision.


How does Wisdom Consulting work?

STEP 1: Understand what is 'missing' or 'necessary' to bring yourself back into balance.

Our journey together begins with an introduction discussion that helps us both understand where you are and what your perception of your “project” is.

I don’t believe we need healing. That implies we are broken – like pieces of glass shattered into a million pieces with little hope of being whole again. We are more like a top. When a top is laying on its side, it isn’t broken; it’s just not balanced. In order for a top to do what it’s meant to do, we need to apply energy to put it into movement. The same applies to us – except there’s no outside force that’s gong to do it for us. We need to put in the energy to put us into motion!

This beginning discussion helps us figure out:

  • What underlying life element is holding you “on your side.”
  • Where you want to move toward.

STEP 2: Engage an East-West dialogue.

In this step, we translate your current physical situation into Eastern Energetic Systems. We match what we found in Step 1 with an energetic method.

There a several methods of understanding and applying energy:

  • Chakra System
  • Prana Vayus
  • Reiki
  • Central Current

STEP 3: Non-dual Coaching.

Together, we build an action plan. Yes, we build the plan. Using what we aligned in Step 2, we’ll create:

  • Daily rituals to change your patterns from being “on your side” to being in balance.
  • Daily practices to move you in the direction you need to complete your “project.”
  • Consciousness expanding exercises for you to “see” your larger self.
  • An easy, comfortable way to track your commitment.
  • Personalized schedule and method to check-in for updates and ongoing support.


Guide vs Guru

No one has your answers, but you. A guide will help you understand the path and you will find your way. A Guru will tell you “the exact steps” you need to take and you will follow.

Does following in someone else’s footsteps feel like “you”?

The first time I read the phrase “lead-footed guru,” I fell in love with it. Be cautious of people promising the answers to your soul. Those answers are your work in this world; it is karmically cheating for someone else to give them to you.

Embrace and embody your human experience

Who Benefits from Wisdom Consulting?

Wisdom Consulting IS for you if:
You know there is something more for you and would like help aligning yourself to it.
You desire to create ease and you potentially already understand where you “struggle.”
You feel generally stuck with a strong desire to “un-stick” yourself.
You aspire to grow.
You tend toward an intuitive nature.
You are energetically aware or sensitive.
The idea of balancing your spiritual sense with your daily world resonates with you.
You know that creating more healing in your life starts with you and you need more tools to develop the inner strength and resourcefulness

You have outgrown your old worldview. It’s time to move forward.


This MAY NOT be for you if:
You are seeking emotional support. (check out Holistic Psychotherapy)
You are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. (Craniosacral Therapy may be a better place to start.)
You feel mentally or emotionally uncertain. (Check with your doctor for the best steps)

Use sacred profanity to destroy the old paradigm

What Does Wisdom Consulting Do?

Delineates negative patterns and creates positive blocks to prevent staying in the same cycle
Mirror incongruencies in thoughts that are keeping you stuck
Reflect patterns and aspects of the self that are unconscious
Authors a new narrative around yourself, your situation, your world
Builds a strong integrity system & simple decision making
Creates the perspective and understanding that you and the universe are one system
Attentive to the ease already present in your life
Shows the humor in your situation and encourages you to play with it
Assists to harvest your own wisdom
Teaches you to apply what the mystics and sages knew – each experience is an opportunity to transform and gain wisdom

This work is not just talking; it is an energy exchange.


What to Expect / Results

Through our work together, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Understand your personal energy
  • Feel, acknowledge & harness your personal energy in your own practice
  • Manifest your energy and direct it to help you heal
  • Recognize and be wary of negative energy in others + situations non-attributable to a certain person
  • Realize a greater frame of reference around your situation gaining a truer perspective
  • Feel a sense of acceptance and compassion towards the self that ignites self-healing
  • Find flow and ease amidst the fluctuations of the mindstuff
  • Become more attentive to ease in your life
  • Find yourself showing up more from your true essence
Find in yourself a profound and definitive shift

Transformation advising and healing sessions for off-balance and uncertain individuals to create a ”whole self.”

Work Together

Some people will want to work for a couple sessions on a specific self “project.” Some people will want a life-time partner to work their life with. Some people will want some gray area between those two points. What is right for you is whatever feels comfortable as we meet. Sessions run from $70/hr in person to $125/hr in person / remote.

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