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Yoga Teaching with Stu

I teach classes, lead workshops and supplement Yoga Teacher Training.

My philosophy is Bhakti yoga and my style is Raja Yoga. I lead classes, workshops, and seminars with the goal of making each students’ day brighter and vision of themselves better. I weave the stories of yoga, the philosophy of Patanjali, and the lessons I’ve learned through personal Svadhyaya into each time teaching. Asana practices tend towards a flowing nature built from chakra based sequencing. Each interaction is less about ritual and more about the current experience.

Parvati saw man toiling away at their lives and asked Shiva to make them happier. Shiva created yoga to help mankind find happiness in their everyday.

Class Schedule:

Due to the current world events, all classes are:

Being held online using your computer or phone.
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6:15am – Yoga
ends by 7:15am


6:15am – Yoga
ends by 7:15am

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As an e-RYT, based on the Yoga Alliance standards, all of my workshops count as continuing education hours.

Introduction to Meditation

Intro to Meditation

Stories of Yoga

Legends of Yoga

Raja Yoga Experience

The Raja Yoga Experience


Shift Your Reality

Shift Your Reality

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Yoga Teacher Training Supplements

Want your teacher training to shine above all the others in the area? It’s simple: don’t teach just the same old thing. Having a specialist in areas of yoga come in to delve into their specific field of study deepens your Teacher Training and makes it stand out among all the others in your area.

Most teachers and TTs (based on the Yoga Alliance model) emphasize instruction of the physical asana practice. I’ve spent my years as a teacher studying and embedding the philosophy and history of yoga into class teaching, sequences, workshops, and talks. When every other training is teaching students to instruct a tired ritual asana sequence, you could have your students contribute to the evolution of contemporary yoga by giving them the information, ideas, and motivation to teach their way, their story, their yoga.

You can bring me in to teach:

  • History and Philosophy (I bring 4 years of in depth study)
  • Yoga Sutras + 8 Limbs (A lifetime of true, legitimate practice)
  • Viewing the energy body through the Chakra system (not just lip-service; pranamaya kosha embodied)
  • The Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, and Hatha Yoga Predipika (these aren’t just books; they define yoga)

Interested in having me come in to teach a class, workshop, or piece of your training? A simple email could begin to unfold the next step on both of our paths.

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