Headache & Migraine Relief with Craniosacral Therapy

Do you experience chronic migraines and headaches that won’t go away?

How different would life be without the pain, nausea, fatigue, and cognitive impairment every time a headache or migraine comes on?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) can drastically reduce the frequency and/or intensity of headaches and migraines. In some cases, eliminating them entirely. These effects can occur in as little as a few sessions.

CST aims to relieve headaches by addressing imbalances and restrictions in the craniosacral system. The therapy aims to promote the natural movement of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and restore the balance of the central nervous system, which can contribute to headache relief.

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5 Ways CST treats chronic head pain.

  1. Balancing the central nervous system: The parasympathetic nervous system – rest and digest – plays a crucial role in regulating various bodily functions. CST helps balance the central nervous system, promoting a state of relaxation and countering the fight-or-flight response. 
  2. Improving craniosacral rhythm: The craniosacral rhythm is a subtle pulse caused by the production and waste of cerebrospinal fluid. During a session, this pulse is encouraged toward a smoother and more balanced rhythm. This improved rhythm promotes better communication and function within the central nervous system, reducing headache & migraine symptoms.
  3. Addressing structural imbalances: CST addresses structural imbalances and restrictions in the craniosacral system. For some individuals, headaches may be linked to misalignments in the skull, neck, or spine, and the CST protocol is designed to correct these issues, providing headache and migraine relief that results from those imbalances..
  4. Reducing tension and stress: CST involves light touch of the skull, spine, and fascia diaphragms designed to release tension and restrictions in the soft tissues and bones surrounding the brain and spinal cord. By relieving this tension, sessions help reduce stress and muscle tightness, shown to be strong contributing factors to headaches.
  5. Enhancing circulation and drainage: Craniosacral therapy is believed to help enhance the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and improve its drainage. This can be beneficial in reducing pressure in the head – a contributing factor to many headaches and migraines.

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Holistic Migraine Treatment

Craniosacral therapy – as with most holistic modalities – focuses on you as an individual. CST practitioners recognize that you are a completely unique complex system of interconnected parts influenced by multiple factors, including physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. The practice of Craniosacral Therapy meets you exactly where you are – no matter what the root cause of your chronic headaches or migraines is. Techniques in each session are tailored to your specific needs and responses.

It is not a one-size fits all modality.

CST is non-intrusive and works with your body’s natural healing mechanisms. The protocol is designed to create the balance and environment your body needs to activate its own natural wellness systems.

Safe and Natural Headache Relief

Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive headache treatment. Sessions are done in a safe and supporting environment.  Side effects are very rare and most often mild, resolving quickly – before even leaving the treatment room. There is no medication associated with CST and followup care consists only of a couple extra glasses of water on the day of treatment and getting a good night’s sleep.

Ongoing Headache & Migraine Relief

Craniosacral Therapy is designed to address the root cause of your headaches, so if they return, it will be less frequent and less intense. Your body and mind are reminded what balance feels like and how to re-balance themselves to provide continued relief after the session and when headaches and migraines come on in the future.

Craniosacral therapy can reduce the frequency or intensity of chronic headaches & migraines beginning with the initial 45-60 minute session.

More About CST Session Description

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