4 Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Day.

The idea of a National Yoga Day is a great step forward to raising the vibration of the world; distributing the beauty, harmony, and transcendence of yoga. Looking at all the events at major gatherings and studios, there’s a bunch of opportunities to “celebrate” yoga today.

But, for many of us, we won’t be attending a festival or even making it to a class. Don’t think you’re not a good enough yogi! Yoga was meant to be practiced in day-to-day life anyway. So, here’s a quick list of four things you can do, on your way home, to celebrate – and practice – yoga:

  1. Treat someone as if they’re a beautiful manifestation / creation of God.
  2. When you see someone that needs help, walk up and help them.
  3. Stop before a knee-jerk reaction and take 1 minute to consider why this thing bothers you.
  4. Spend 15 minutes in silence, ignoring your thoughts and creating a blank space in your mind.

We can focus our day to day on any of the four paths to yoga. The destination is the same.

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion and love (1.)

Karma Yoga is the yoga of action (2.)

Jana Yoga is the yoga of self inquisition (3.)

Raja Yoga is the yoga of withdrawing the senses to find the yoga within (4.)

…no postures, specific breathing, or chanting is necessary.

Travel photo by the amazing Melissa Jones.