In every moment, we are either finding ourselves or losing ourselves.
B. Baptiste

Raja Yoga in 5 Minutes

This is a 6 min video that demostrates a simple sequence to start practicing Raja Yoga in 5 minutes. Doing a daily Raja integrates the entire yoga philosophy into your practice.

How to Treat Me (yamas)

The Raja path consists of eight petals. None of the petals are more or less important than the others. You cannot achieve the goal bypassing any of the eight. Raja yoga is the journey inward until we reach a point where we realize that the entire universe is inside us. That we and all other things are one. So, the Raja path is How to Treat Me (yamas)

These great vows (yamas) are universal, not limited by class, place, time or circumstance.

The Good Book

Yoga has a book of instructions. It’s called the Yoga Sutras.

I was surprised to find that a vast majority of students don’t know that. Many who are aware of the Sutras simply assume it’s a book explaining all the postures of yoga. It turns out, that’s not the case. The Yoga Sutras has nothing to do with postures at all.

Postures – or asanas in sanskrit – are mentioned but once in the entire 196 sutras. The Good Book

Willingness, repetition, and consistency will lay the groundwork for true transformation.
B. Baptiste